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Four hands-free cameras for epic content creation


Four hands-free cameras for epic content creation

Pimp your TikTok, Snapchat or social-media missives with these smart innovations

PowerVision Power Egg X Wizard camcorder and drone

Beijing maker PowerVision, whose bizarre egg-shaped products I like, has styled its Power Egg X as a cute – and extremely adaptable – handheld camcorder that happens to adapt to being a drone if you fit it with rotors. If bought in its Wizard package, it can land on water and is fully waterproof. Power Egg X is bursting with features – obstacle avoidance being an important one – and superbly executed. Brilliant and hyper-innovative. €1,149,

Snap Spectacles 3

While I am not exactly the target market for Snap’s Spectacles 3, the latest iteration of video glasses, I can well see that a serious young social-media hound would get a lot out of them – as could all kinds of artists. They have an inbuilt camera on each side of your head, so they can produce content in 3D, plus four high-fidelity microphones, and sync wirelessly to your phone. You can also add 3D augmented-reality effects to your films on Snapchat and other platforms. The software is slightly cumbersome, but that shouldn’t put people off: beautifully engineered Spectacles 3 look more like a fashion item than a toy, so are arguably cool. £299,

AirSelfie AirPix drone

Things have moved on a bit since the selfie-stick was, indeed, a long pole. The latest take isn’t a stick at all, but a pocket-sized drone armed with a camera. AirSelfie’s super-light 52g AirPix succeeds where other attempts at the technology have stuttered. It packs a 12 megapixel, full-HD camera for stills and video and is extraordinarily good. Whether you’re using it indoors or lobbing it off a clifftop (not in high wind, please), it works wonderfully. You can steer it using your phone and it can be set to follow you around, by locking on to your face. Best of all, it contains a sensor that means you can control it by gesture. €119.95,

Opkix One X clip-on camera

Opkix’s incredibly tiny video camera – it weighs 12g in spite of having 1,300 components – is like an ultra-miniature GoPro, ideal for recording up to 15 minutes of footage. It even works underwater, and the HD picture quality is really high and well stabilised. The real beauty of Opkix, however, is that they can be attached to a series of specially made accessories that come in the top dog, two-camera One X bundle. Film hands-free from a pair of men’s or women’s sunglasses, the peak of a baseball cap, a stick, a ring or a necklace. The latter two strike me as a bit daft, but a fairly inconspicuous, clipped-on glasses camera could be a lot of fun. Two camera bundle, $395,

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