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Letter: Welby’s considered stance makes compulsive reading


Letter: Welby’s considered stance makes compulsive reading

From John Webster, London SW1, UK

I found Henry Mance’s report on his interview with Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, compulsive reading, and was struck at how afterwards Mance was left moved by the experience (“Holier than now”, Magazine, FT Weekend, April 10).

In these unprecedented times, the sort of careful, considered stance that the archbishop adopts is generally right. But it carries two risks: first, forever thinking how frank he’s going to be could lead people to question his sincerity and wonder whether his every utterance is calculated rather than heartfelt. And, second, it smacks of a politician’s approach rather than that of a prelate.

Like it or not, the Church’s biblical background is one of absolutes — faith — in which rights and wrongs include personal and family morality rather more than prevailing secular issues such as climate change and bankers’ working hours. The archbishop need not become a fire-and-brimstone preacher but should be willing to give people a steer on how to live their lives based on biblical teachings.

John Webster
London SW1, UK

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